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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Abraham Lincoln Commemorative speech

Abraham Lincoln Commemorative speech
Ladies and gentlemen, today I am greatly humbled and privileged to talk about, celebrate and make spirited reflections on a great man. This great man however, is gone but we still see him in many aspect of our every day life. The late president Abraham Lincoln is nolonger with us today; however, on this important occasion and moment of time, we all feel how important his legacy runs deep, not only in Americans heart but that of the world at large.

We cannot physically feel the warmth of his attitude, strength, his charm, his friendliness anymore but he is still with us in spirit. In our memories, in our hopes, in our doings here on earth, we gather to celebrate a great man. Lincoln set America extremely high on the world map and above laid a firm foundation for all the good things we enjoy and some of which we are yet to achieve.

Lincoln never new the vocabulary of defeat but he believed in persistence. He came from a humble back ground and in his rise from poverty, his self-study and ultimate mastery of language and of law, in his capacity to overcome personal loss and remain determined in the face of repeated defeat, in all of this, we see a fundamental element of the American character persistence, a belief that we can constantly rebuild ourselves to achieve our dreams no matter what circumstances in time. The repeated show of self-creation, resilience and humility are chisels that continue to shape the American landscape and the American hearts into something better and richer. These are some of the great attribute he embodies in us.

Lincoln lived a great life, his characters, ambition and what he lived for sets him far much a part from most world leaders. Lincoln was not a perfect man, nor a perfect president. However, based on modern standards, his condemnation of slavery might be considered tentatively; his Emancipation Proclamation more a military document than a clarion call for justice. He wasn't immune to political considerations; his temperament could be indecisive and pessimistic. Despite all these mentioned imperfections and his weakness indeed, when it came time to confront the greatest moral challenge America has ever faced, he did not shy away. He faced everything head on without passing them on to the next generation. In the midst of slavery's dark days and extreme political rivalry, he went ahead and ended slavery.

It is then prudent to reflect on Lincoln's character, rational decisions, tough choices and love for the truth. Lincoln once said that “All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind”. In this regard, it is in this spirit that we should embrace unity, love and inculcate the sprit of hard work. Lincoln reminds us that our essential greatness is not based on sophistication or popularity but sheer character and determination. This occasion is a great moment, full of reflections, hope and inspiration as we celebrate one of the founders of this great nation of America, thanks to Lincoln.

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