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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sample Admission Letter-Occupational Therapy Application

 In this competitive world, the power of cognitive skills, comprehension skills and coordination is inevitable. Life challenges make people, young and old, face different life challenges and disease which normally cause human body not to function adequately.

In this case, to mitigate these kinds of problems, the skills and expertise knowledge of occupational therapy (OT) is critical in the society. My unmatched enthusiasm and desire for new challenges in life has been the sharp chisel that shapes my life. My desire to pursue a future career in Occupational Therapy begins with my past.

In 1989 my family immigrated to the United States from the former USSR. Upon arrival in USA, my mother became ill. She was diagnosed with a herniated disc, and her life took a twist since she was bedridden for most of our first 2 years. This necessitated that she go for spinal surgery, despite the risks of paralysis. At only 9 years old, I had the obligations of cooking and cleaning for my family, while adjusting to our new lives in America.

Despite the burdens we faced, we managed to keep a positive attitude. She underwent the surgery and subsequent therapy was successful. My mother’s illness and the help she got from occupational therapist made a mark in my mind though I could not trace it immediately. This is because I have a bachelor of business degree which sounds a complete career path. However, my passion has changed towards Occupational therapy.

My interest in a career in Occupational Therapy keeps on developing each day due to the desire to assist the patients with injuries. I have explored the field through participation in community health voluntarism programs. During summer of 2009 I volunteered at a Nursing Home, Observed patients daily in an occupational therapy gym and also accompanied Occupational therapist evaluating patients’ daily living skills and determining the extent of their abilities and limitations.

I have also participated in free medical camps which have been challenging but equally interesting and enjoyable. The challenges I have encountered have transformed me not only to like the power of Occupational Therapy but also to have a burning interest of pursuing a career in it.   

My interest in occupational therapy was boosted about two years ago when family friend who is an occupational therapist, working with autistic kids inspired me to go into the field due to her passion and how she found her work fulfilling. In this regard, I recalled how occupational therapist helped my mother and I feel I should also help others in he same way. I have explored OT field by taking science and psychology courses at a local college while at the same time volunteering at nursing homes. I have worked as a medical/billing assistant an Orthopedic Rehab facility for 3 year. The experience propelled my desire to be occupational therapist. During this period I worked side by side with Physical therapists, acupuncturists, physicians, chiropractors and observed wide variety treatments of orthopedic conditions.

  I have a burning desire to change people’s life through occupational therapy. This is because I would like to positively help people in the society and this ambition is pegged on an opportunity to pursue education in occupational therapy. I have the ability and the opportunity to improve someone’s life and that is the driving force that generates pleasure in me.

In conclusion, I would like to kindly request for an admission opportunity to pursue masters in Occupational therapy and further my occupational therapy career ambitions. This will go along way in changing lives in the society. I will appreciate an opportunity in this great institution which has rich history of excellence in occupational therapy research and preparation of students.

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