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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

All About Founders, Core Business and Risk Assessment

All About Founders, Core Business and Risk Assessment, Inc. is a prestigious business founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and launched online in 1995. It started off as a small online bookstore raising eyebrows world over. Since then, it has grown and expanded its portfolio and horizons.  It has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington and has separate websites across the world that services various countries such as Canada, Japan, and France etc.

Amazon’s growth from a bookstore to an online marketplace that sells just about anything a consumer can want has made it responsible for approximately one third of all E-Commerce in the United States and has America’s largest online retailer. In addition, Amazon is seen to have an edge in modern technology, noting that its system is one of the most innovative especially in the area of e-book development. For instance, they have developed The Kindle, a revolutionary e-book system. With this kind of profile and the responsibility it has to so many consumers, Amazon makes a great company to research.

The growth of the internet and online shopping has become a target ground for criminals to attempt to exploit.  There’s need for companies to consider the threats of online criminals and be adequately armed to deal with the possible occurrences of hacking, stolen identity, information theft among other risks facing ecommerce websites world over, such as a possibility of a virus getting into the system and deleting vital data.   Amazon is one such a company that has a major task at hand in securing its online marketplace and averting the dangers.

This research performs a risk assessment report regarding, identifying and evaluating threats and vulnerabilities that faces along with providing security controls to mitigate the threats and vulnerabilities. The major components evaluated are Amazon’s online transaction system; Amazons customer profile which can have sensitive information saved in it such as credit card information, bank account information, address information, etc.

Information to perform this risk assessment is gathered from a variety of online resources and books, along with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-30; Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems.

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