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Friday, 28 December 2012

Sample Personal Statement-Master Of Arts In Psychology Degree At University

Sample Personal Statement-Master Of Arts In Psychology Degree At  University

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LIU Post Graduate Admissions Processing Center
P.O. Box 805
Randolph, MA 02368-0805


I submit my application to the University for admission to pursue graduate studies in School Psychology. I am highly energetic and have a strong self-will and a powerful personal drive, which helps me succeed in my endeavors. I am as well a graduate of Saint Francis College, New York. I pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology.

I am particularly interested in Long Island University because of its positive reputation in terms of academic quality and the vast nature of its resources. I have interacted with friends who have high regard to the University in these two areas. As such, I would want to be part of this great university by acquiring a graduate degree through it and there after as an alumnus.

My education background is a story of dedication and hard work; especially given that most of the time, I had to either work while studying. The necessity of such an arrangement is as a result of on my background and my weak financial status. I however pride in all this as a badge of honor because it is a proof of my dedication to personal progress in my career. In relation to this, I have developed the following as my professional objectives:

·         To develop personal and professional capacity to champion the course of school children.
·         To remain relevant in the society by continuously sharpening my skills and by offering services to those who may need them.

·         To, at one point, become a distinguished authority in my field of choice.

As mentioned, I graduated from Saint Francis College in June this year. My major course was Psychology. Part of the coursework burden covered during the studies includes Psychology of Learning, Experimental Psychology 1 and 2, Psychobiology, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Behavior Modification, Tests & Measurements, Foundations of Education, and Developmental Psychology. These course units have given me an adequate grounding in the field of psychology, on which I can build further knowledge. I have also undertaken a course project in the area of Experimental psychology, covering Selective ‘Attention in Gender Differences.’ some of the tasks under this research project included developing a questionnaire, manipulating time and advertisements, and examining a pool of 60 males and females in relation to the manipulated adverts. I later analyzed the results using current statistical methods.

My work experience is varied, ranging from offering of unpaid voluntary service to paid service in social and private institutions. I have desired to mention the variety of my experience in a chronological manner.

To begin with, I worked as a volunteer teacher at Saint Columba Church, dealing with special needs children in the community. This has been a memorable service spanning from 2009 to 2011. Though I briefly stopped offering my services to them due to my tight schedule as I came to the end of my Bachelor’s degree, I intend to continue with the same in future.

Between 2008 and 2009, I worked as an intern in Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service. In this position, I evaluated consumers for a work ready program while at the same time administering vocational and personality exams for consumers. My work involved helping consumers in their well-being and motivating them to become more efficient. I would assist some of the customers to set long-term goals, especially those who suffered from low to severe learning disabilities. This assistance not only helped them, but also helped me shape my own vision and set personal goals.

At the same time, between 2008 and 2010, I worked at Bergen Beach Youth Organization as a counselor. This is the one place I consolidated my desire to pursue a career in Psychology, with a bias for young people, especially those in school. Some of my responsibilities included designing a Junior Achievement curriculum as well as one for the arts. I would also assist students in a homework helper program and encourage them in personal development and rising of their self-esteem. As such, I believe the children have become better individual, confident in their capacity and more determined to grow.

Further, I have extensive experience working in schools. Some of the places I have worked in include Children’s All Day School; where I was a Teacher’s Aide between December 2009 and March 2010. I worked in Gillen Brewer School; where I was a paraprofessional between September 2010 and January 2011, Beach Brook Nursery; working as a Teachers Aide between January and August 2011.  Finally, I have been employed as an Assistant Teacher in Warbasse Nursery school since November last year. These schools have given me an opportunity to offer service to, and gain experience in dealing with school children.

In conclusion, as I submit this request and commitment to the university, I acknowledge the fact that largely, the work environment in which I have been has shaped my career more than any other experience in my childhood.  As a child I was brought up in a stable (though at one time financially challenged) Christian home. None of my sibling or close relatives have special needs, yet I have continually, through the places I worked, been socialized into serving special needs children in school.

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