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Friday, 28 December 2012

Buddy Bump Reading Activities To Increase Comprehension

 Buddy Bump Reading activity (Annandale et al., 2004, 155), Character Self-Portrait activity using the book  (Annandale et al., 2004, 169).

This activity has its aim in encouraging the learners to read and re-read parts of a book (Annandale et al., 2004, 155). This is important because just reading once may not be enough. In addition, the activity helps students learn to work together while reading, as well as communicate with fellow students on their progress. Using the same book, Katie and the Mona Lisa, each student would choose a reading friend and work with them for two weeks.

Activities to develop the role of a code breaker

    Working with your reading buddy, choose any page and play the rule of thumb. (start reading the page and when you come across a new word, put your finger on it, starting with the little finger.
    Write down the words on which you put a finger in the activity above.
    Count the number of syllables in each word above.

 Developing the role of a text user
    explain to your reading buddy some of the things you have seen in museums
    What questions do you ask yourself when you see the picture of Mona Lisa?

Character Self-Portrait activity using the book  (Annandale et al., 2004, 169).

Students will carry out this activity in order to help them utilize their prior knowledge in understanding the text (Annandale et al., 2004, 169). It also helps in creating personal opinions about the character of others and shaping their own as well. In doing this activity, students would work individually, and later share their information in small groups. A major part of the activity would be for each learner trying to justify his or her opinion about why they chose a particular character trait. They would need to use the text in doing this.

Activities to develop the role of a code breaker

    Read the first pages of the book and write down the adjectives they find.
    Which of the adjectives describe the behavior of a person?

 Developing the role of text analyst

    List all the things Leonardo said to the king that he could.
    Why would you say that Leonardo was intelligent?
    State some things that made Leonardo curious.
    Do you think Leonardo could actually do all the things he wrote to the king

Developing the role of text user

    Imagine you were Leonardo and write a short letter to king Ludovico telling him to employ you.
    Leonardo went to the king with a gift and a letter, what kind of a gift would you give a king?

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