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Friday, 28 December 2012

Reading Activities To increase Literacy:Word Walls activity

 Word Walls activity using the book (Annandale et al., 2004, 182).

This activity will help the student to understand new words, sort them out according to the teaching focus etc (Annandale et al., 2004, 182). in the activity, words will be written in placards and placed on the wall. They then be rearrange or re-write the words as need may be. Janis Herbert’s book, Leonardo da Vinci for Kids is an excellent choice for this activity. This is because it has a higher number of words that are possibly new to the students in grade 2. The activity will especially be useful as a code breaker activity for the book.

Developing the role of a code breaker

    Select a page and choose five three-syllable words.
    Class works with the help of the teacher to find words with similar meaning as those words. these words are also displayed on the wall
    One student selects a word from the book, which they think nobody else knows and asks for definition. The same student keeps asking until they select a word known by somebody else.

Developing the role of a text user

    Students try to choose other words which they would use instead of the ones used by the author
    Explain their choice of words in the above task
    Write their own story about their lives as young people and compare it to the life of Leonardo

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