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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Homosexuality, mental and physical heath in colleges

Homosexuality and mental and physical heath in colleges

According to a Bower (2010), research has proved that homosexuals have a significantly bigger risk of suffering from a psychiatric disease than a heterosexual student. HIV infection can be looked at as a reason for social stigmatization and at the same time a by product of the social stigmatization due to involvement in careless sexual behavior following depression.

HIV prevalence among gay students could also be worsened by the fact that gay students have numerous relationships. A recent study report that about 66 percent of lesbian and gay couples have sex outside the relationship after a year of dating  and almost 90 percent in the case where relationship is about five years.
Higher rates of suicide, depression, bulimia, antisocial personality disorder, and substance abuse even in Netherlands schools where gay and lesbian relationships are accepted have been on the increase.
In most cases, psychological differences between students who are gays/lesbians and straights may not be there in actual sense, and could there be any, it possibly will be accredited to social stigma.  There is more evidence of pathology connected with homosexuality due to the sexual stigmatization. The social stigma leads to depression and drug abuse which trigger dangerous sexual practice that direct to serious medical problems (Bower 2010).

There are other fatal diseases associated with homosexuality which cause even further social stigmatization among gay and lesbian students. Their health issues have not been addressed to adequately reach out to their health problems which have far reaching effects especially due to the nature of sexual activities, for example, anal-oral sex, fisting, human waste which expose them to major threat of anal cancer, as a result of infection with subtypes of human papilloma virus (HPV). These are just a few diseases which affect the students (Kardia 2010).

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