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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Role of Education in dealing with homosexuality

Role of Education in dealing with homosexuality

Education can be used as a significant tool in changing the attitudes of students towards gays and lesbians in colleges/universities. Although this has not been achieved it can be blamed primarily on individuals who have not embraced the change and the educational institutions which have not instituted measures to address the attitude of heterosexual students towards gays and lesbians.

It can appear ironic that education can change the attitude of people who are in educational institutions considering the fact that it is in these institutions that the prejudice thrive the most. However, this is possible because education has the ability to change students’ perspectives both in curricular and extra curricular sense (Kardia 2010).

The role of education in the extra curricular aspect has the ability to bring both homosexuals and heterosexuals together through activities like games, forums, debates and other social activities. Despite the fact heterosexual students feel uncomfortable when asked by a gay male or female to join them in a game, playing together can help them appreciate them and get to understand what it is like to be gay.
Like wise, it will help gay students shed off the feelings of isolation and prejudice and subsequently change the perception of them being viewed as “abnormal.” Forums, discussions and other kind of debates will help the students understand their gay peers by letting them expressing their quarter and trying to get a chance to understand them with an open mind (Kardia 2010).

  Education should address negative attitude to homosexuals

 Education in the curricular aspect has a lot to offer in regard to addressing the negative attitudes towards homosexual students. Through the curriculum, education should gear towards promoting understanding of homosexual behavior through psychology, sociology, gender studies, developmental studies and any other relevant study even in the form of common courses.

Many prejudicial attitudes are as a result of lack of information and interaction about gay and lesbian behaviors, no wonder many students in the faculty of arts and social sciences and education tend to understand them and hence less cases of intense negative attitudes towards them.
Studies on psychological development, child development and social behavior promote understanding of gay behavior since in most cases it roots from childhood and it’s affected by human development process (Engstron & Sedlack 1997).

Most importantly education through the scholars can save the prejudice and harassment toward the gay male and lesbian students by carrying out research on the most controversial issue. Results of the research will provide information on the statistics, causes and the way forward. It will also address other issues pertinent to gay and lesbian issue like their health issues, career and vocational development.
Certainly by providing literature about gay and lesbian behavior will help people judge them on the information at hand, because the truth is there is no enough information on this issue because they are a despised sexual minority group.

Many scholars do not want to research on the issue since their view could be viewed with questionable morality grounds or that they view it as completely wrong and therefore requiring no attention. Availability of information will be a great milestone in recognizing gay students as human beings who have rights and deserving respect and dignity (Engstron & Sedlack 1997).

We can look at education as a measure to address homosexuality that is influenced by peer pressure and choice. Once again people who have higher level of education tend to be more liberal, they also tend to appreciate other peoples choices and ways of living. Education unifies diverse personal, cultural, racial and emotional perspectives because it promotes understanding of various groups of people (Engstron & Sedlack 1997).

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